Digital Craft

Digital Craft explores the possibilities that arise when a human is directly interacting and drawing with a 3D printer, without a computer being an intermediate in the process. In this way, 3D printing becomes a craft, as it is operated by a human instead of a computer.

In order to facilitate handling a 3D-printer in this manner, Daan Veerman modified an existing 3D printer. This custom printer allows him to take the printerhead into his own hand, turning it into a hand-operated sketch tool which can draw in three dimensions. Thus, many new possibilities for structures and textures whilst crafting objects.

Each of the objects in the Digital Craft collection is a unique piece, which can not be reproduced. Therein Digital Craft opposes the regular use of 3D printing as a production method to duplicate and mass-produce certain parts, which contributes to the image of plastic as a disposable material. Instead, with Digital Craft, the objects gain in value as they are made by hand in a laborious process, showing the touch and hand of their maker.

Currently, the Digital Craft collection comprises textiles as well as reinterpretations of standard, mass-produced plastic products such as crates, juxtaposing craft and industry.

    Bringing down the cloud

We call it “the Cloud” which implies that the Internet is floating in the sky. WiFi, picking up signals from the air- adds to that notion.

But in fact, most of the World Wide Web is underneath our feet. Fascinated by this paradox, Daan Veerman analyzed the infrastructure of the Internet present in the Netherlands.

His mini-exhibition, including a book, a series of models and a video-installation, showcases the physical side of this online world.

The story starts at sea, or actually beneath it, following the submarine cables to their landing points, and via Internet Exchanges to the data centers. In the video you’ll see Daan walking the route of an e-mail, physically manifesting a virtual phenomenon in public space.

   Walking the route of an e-mail

In order to connect both the virtual and the physical reality of the act of sending an e-mail, I decided to walk the route an e-mail I sent had followed in the physical world.

While walking, a yarn unrolls, which marks the route of the e-mail and  creates a physical manifestation in public space of a digital route.


A collection of (wood) joints playing with the idea of using flexible elements to create a fixed and stable joint

    A collage a day

A visual diary of my experiences and emotions during a period of 3 weeks, expressed using the medium of collages

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