Digital Craft

Digital Craft explores the possibilities that arise when a human is directly interacting and drawing with a 3D printer, without a computer being an intermediate in the process. In this way, 3D printing becomes a craft, as it is operated by a human instead of a computer.

In order to facilitate handling a 3D-printer in this manner, Daan Veerman modified an existing 3D printer. This custom printer allows him to take the printerhead into his own hand, turning it into a hand-operated sketch tool which can draw in three dimensions. Thus, many new possibilities for structures and textures whilst crafting objects.

Each of the objects in the Digital Craft collection is a unique piece, which can not be reproduced. Therein Digital Craft opposes the regular use of 3D printing as a production method to duplicate and mass-produce certain parts, which contributes to the image of plastic as a disposable material. Instead, with Digital Craft, the objects gain in value as they are made by hand in a laborious process, showing the touch and hand of their maker.

Currently, the Digital Craft collection comprises textiles as well as reinterpretations of standard, mass-produced plastic products such as crates, juxtaposing craft and industry.

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